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William Stockey

Principal Main Office
Zachary Weber Asst. Principal Main Office
Kimberly Williams Special Education Administrator (Red House) Main Office
Johana Richart Sec. To the Principal Main Office
Allison Colantone Sec. To the Asst. Principal Main Office
Angela Barbieri Office Clerk Main Office

Mariangela Scardullo

Nurse Health Office
Michelle Kuhn Media Specialist Media Center (office)
Mary Roche Media Clerk Media Center
Jamie Glass Kindergarten 108
Hayley Elwell Kindergarten 107
Krista Hunter Kindergarten 118  
Sharon McLaren First Grade 109
Dena Panagiotaros First Grade 110
Scott Samek First Grade 111
Beth Filapek First Grade 121
Kristin Haines First Grade 120
Amber Oesterreich Second Grade 125
Kristina Czarnecki Second Grade 122
Eva Lawrence Second Grade 123
Vanessa Pollitt Second Grade 124
Brittany Brandenburg Second Grade 117
Andrea Bowen  Third Grade 116
Sara Cairo Third Grade 115
Kristin Scheirer Third Grade 114
Amy Barone Third Grade 113
Stacy McNamara Third Grade 211
Tisha Scruggs Fourth Grade 209
Shannon Hollandsworth Fourth Grade 214
Liz Kovel Fourth Grade 217
Jeanette Lechowicz Fourth Grade 216
Jennifer Catanzaro Fourth Grade 215
Brittany Freelon Fourth Grade 138
Mike Boubal Fifth Grade 203
Kathy Heinrich Fifth Grade 204
Lisa Packley Fifth Grade 205
John Castner Fifth Grade 210
Carrie Bauma Fifth Grade 202
Stephanie Mittal Instr/Res 112
Liz Monterosso Instr/Res  133
Toni Koca Instr/Res  206
Amy Jensen Instr/Res 207
Carla Giovannini Speech and Language Path. 104
Jillian Febel Speech and Language Path. 212
Jon Higgins PE PE Office
Amy Foster PE PE Office
Kelly Picha PE PE Office
Kelly Rimdzius Art 103
Debbie Nelson Music 101
Lori Renz Reading Specialist 127
Sue Knoelk Special Education Reading Specialist (Red House) 218  
Elida Leon ELL 126
Mariam Khan ELL 102
Julie Coy Intensive  105
Suzanne Schreier FBI 106
Renee Caviles Social Worker 130
Sharon Aguilar Social Worker 131
Alice Dennie Psychologist 128
Kate Palermo Occupational Therapist 129

Kristine Murphy

Physical Therapist 129
Krista Ohms Hearing Itinerant 218
Tina Erickson Vision Itinerant 218
Special Ed TA's    
Nan Babuskow    
Brenda Eldred    
Mary Wren    
Allison Tong    
Rebecca Smith    
Nicole Spiller    
Crystal Gandy    
Kathy Leeds Multi-Needs Program  
Jordan Baugh Multi-Needs Program  
Stacy Cetera Multi-Needs Program  
Pam Bochucinski Multi-Needs Program  
Nicole Fries Multi-Needs Program  
Sherry Verklan Multi-Needs Program  
Darlene Wengielnik Multi-Needs Program  
Marissa Cerny Multi-Needs Program  
Sandy Kraynak Multi-Needs Program  
Olabisi Delarosa Multi-Needs Program  
Lunch Supervisors    
Missy Murray    
Lindsey Turyna    
Allison Beauchane    
Sara Tuuk    
Custodial Staff    
Chris McCabe Head Custodian  
Conor Oehler    
Laura Wos    
Mark Bath Night Supervisor  


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