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“Ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential to their success as ongoing learners.”


In 2002 and 2003, Eagle Pointe Elementary school developed a mission and vision statement unique to the Eagle Pointe community. Although we share common aims with other District 202 schools, as individual schools our mission, roles, and programs may vary.

The first step in developing our mission and vision was to align our aim to the mission and vision of Plainfield CCSD #202. It is through this process that we decreased random acts of improvement and increased aligned acts of improvement that resulted in extraordinary student achievement. Consider the graphical representation of this concept below:


Without having a constancy of purpose, i.e., a clearly defined mission statement and a plan to implement it, schools are often driven by reactions to immediate concerns and have the tendency to move in wayward directions in order to satisfy immediate needs. Schools do not exist for teachers to teach, but for students to learn. A school that develops this constancy of purpose through alignment knows where they are headed. They have a clear view at a very fundamental level of what the basic goals and academic integrity of the school are and a map to guide them on their way. Consider the graphical representation of this concept below:

To become effective, Eagle Pointe Elementary School developed a vision, mission, and goals that were enthusiastically endorsed by all administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, and community. The staff dedicated its 2002-2003 institute day activities to designing our core beliefs. On May 5, 2003 the faculty at Eagle Pointe agreed to support the following beliefs.

We Believe
Everyone is capable of learning and achieving individual success
Everyone needs to feel valued and respected
Learning is a lifelong process
Teaching and Learning is a responsibility shared by students, family, staff and community
Effective teaching and learning require a meaningful purpose.

Teaching is most effective when it:
maximizes individual growth, progress and potential
differentiates to meet students' diverse abilities, needs and learning styles
utilizes measurable results to drive instruction
involves setting high expectations and taking risks
promotes creativity and inquiry
is interactive and relates to the real world.

The staff dedicated its institute day activities for 2003-2004 to the final development of the Eagle Pointe mission statement. In June 2004, the Eagle Pointe faculty agreed to support the following mission statement:

Who: Eagle Pointe

Niche: A community of collaborative and innovative learners committed to continual improvement and growth.

Purpose: To develop well-rounded citizens who create and contribute productively now and in the future.

By creating a foundation for success
By creating a safe and supportive environment
By applying our beliefs about effective teaching
By incorporating and utilizing all available resources
By holding high expectations for students, staff, and community
By identifying, modeling, practicing, and celebrating positive character traits

In September 2017, Eagle Pointe's staff refined and focused our mission statement to read the following: Our fundamental purpose at Eagle Pointe is to… "Ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential to their success as ongoing learners." 

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