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Dr. Heinrich's Fifth Grade Class 2019-2020

Hello Class!  Here are the writing prompts I promised to post.  Whatever you decide to write, make sure you write about it in detail, that it sounds sophisticated, and that you read it over to revise and edit before it is considered complete.  Share your writing to me via Google Docs or send me an email with your writing attached.  I look forward to reading what you write and responding to you with my personal thoughts and writing guidance. 

-What is one thing you really wish people knew about you?

-What is the most vaulable thing that you own?  What makes it so valuable to you?

-What is the best thing about getting older?

-What is the most remarkable thing you have ever done?

-If you could go back in history to any year or event?  Which one would you pick and why?

-If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be?  What would you talk about with that person?

-Would you rather have an extra arm or an extra leg?  Which one would you pick and why?

-If you could drive, what road trip would you take?  Who would you take with you?  What would you hope to do or see?

-What would your dream job be?

-Of course, you can write about any other topic you please.  Just use all the good techniques about writing and rules about grammar we have learned this year, so your writing is the best it can be. 


Welcome to our classroom website!  I hope you find this to be a useful resource for helping your child, and staying connected with our learning.  Please take a look around to see how the site is organized.  Be sure to check out the website links to visit sites we use in class often.  You can also find many of the reference, instruction, and practice sheets we use regularly.  Daily homework assignments are not posted on our class website.  This is done purposely, because students have assignment notebooks that we use together in class to record our assignments.  I feel listing homework here would be redundant and take away from student responsibility.         

Our classroom is comprised of 27 wonderful and kind fifth grade students!  Together, we work really hard to learn new concepts and skills through reading exciting literature, challening our mathematical thinking, examining American history, studying biology, authoring purposeful writing, engaging in thoughtful conversation, and of course, having fun!  

Visiting our classroom website is just one way to be informed about our learning.  The very best way to keep up is to engage in daily converstion with your child about happenings in our classroom.  Please make sure to read the biweekly Friday Note, examine the Weekly Refelection Sheet, and be sure to sign up for the Remind App to receive texts from me.  Please feel free to contact me as often as you need with any questions you may have.  I look forward to a great year together.    

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